My Golden Age: My Motto, Just Keep Dancing!!

Today marks my 29th Birthday, which just so happens to be my Golden Birthday. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love birthdays. It doesn't even have to be my birthday, I just love them. Maybe it's the cake or the excitement of going to a party, or maybe it's just the cake (LOL). So to celebrate this monumentous occasion my husband and I are going to the Golden State of California, which I found very fitting since it is my golden birthday, to tour the wine country. I will be doing a whole post on this trip, so stay tuned.

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This Birthday marks my last year in my twenties. I have been struggling with this concept but it got me thinking of how far I have come since my early twenties. I have had alot of fun in my twenties. I have met some very interesting people, traveled to some great places, andIfound my true passion of doing hair and makeup. My twenties have also come with their fair share of struggles that have made me learn and grow. Some of these struggles included my major career change from the events/Marketing industry to being a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, learning and growing in my marriage, and figuring out my true priorities and what is important to me. So after some self reflection I thought I would share some of my wisdom and advise that I have acquired in my 29 years in this life!!

But First let's take time to observe this monumental moment at my first birthday party where I met my first love CAKE !!!

Its Pink, Fluffy, and just for me!

Who cares about being a lady, this tastes too damn good!

If there is one thing that I would pass on it would be, find your true passions and go for them. Life is too short to spend it doing something you don't love. It took me a couple of years to find my true calling, but when I did it has changed my life completely. Not only do I feel fulfilled in my career as a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, but this new path has pushed me to pursue my other passions such as starting this blog, which I wanted to do years ago but was too scared to go for it. If you have a goal or a dream go for after it you're the only one stopping yourself. I have no idea what the future holds but I do know that I have so many more things I can't wait to accomplish!

I know sometimes I'm a little cheesy, it's just who I am!!!!!

This second bit of advise is something that I'm going to be personally working on this year. Living in the technology era it's very hard to disconnect and be present in the moment. Think about the last time you we're truly present in the moment, for me it's hardly ever. Whether I'm plugged into my many social media outlets, on-line banking, answer emails, or planing for tomorrow or a month from now I find it very rare that I'm living in the moment. This is going to be difficult for me because I'm a planner at heart. I'm always thinking and planning for future and setting new goals. I sometimes get so caught up in the what's next that I don't appreciate the amazingness of the day. Don't get me wrong future planning and goal setting is essential to self growth but it's all about balance. Take time to appreciate your relationships and be present in your conversations over checking your newsfeed. If you're in a beautiful place, take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you before you worry about capturing the view with a million pictures. When you lay down to sleep, don't go over your to do lists for tomorrow, snuggle in and be thankful that you finished the day and it's time to rest.

Surround yourself with good people that motivate you to be better. Relationships can be toxic and keep you from growing into your true potential. I have felt so blessed in this life to have so many wonderful individuals who have shaped who I am today. I have also had to learn the hard lesson of letting people go, who we're not good for me. It's exhausting putting time and energy into a relationship where it's not reciprocated. Sometimes you have to ask yourself is this relationship worth it. If it's not, then you have to move on and invest in those who do stand by you through thick and thin. Be a good friend, set aside time for your relationships. Also pay it forward, be a support system or mentor and help someone grow as others have helped you.

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize the importance of experiences over stuff and things. Life is short and I want to look back and know that I lived it to the fullest. I want to continue to travel and experience different cultures, I want to try new things that push me out of my comfort zone like Yoga Paddle Boarding or sky diving (I'm still on this fence about that one). The point is, there is so much to experience and learn in this world. Take your money that you might spend on a new watch or shoes and spend it on an awesome experience, I guarantee you won't regret it!

In the words of my alter ego Stella Fox "Just Keep Dancing". Don't get stagnant in this life, move, shake, and do! Embrace life, find the positive, make a change, try something new, and love love love as much as you can.

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