If you've lost your mojo, then you're not alone.

Modern couples are stressed, tired and often too worn out at the end of the day to think about getting busy under the sheets. However, there are plenty of ways to rediscover your spark and enjoy some passion again with your partner.

Healthy Living

It's not only women who are experiencing a loss of desire in a stressful modern world it affects men too. Make sure you are looking after yourself and eating well. Foods rich in zinc are vital, and make sure you are getting sufficient protein, vitamins and minerals. Cut down on sugar, which depletes your vitamin stores and leaves you feeling sluggish and tired. If you are planning the perfect romantic meal, then keep away from heavy carbohydrates and choose something tasty and protein-rich. A steak salad is a good choice or try fish, mussels, an Asian salad or a meal that you can both share. Avoid too much alcohol, which can ultimately make you feel out of control and thoroughly ill.

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Relax and Treat Yourself

Relax with a hot bath and spend time pampering yourself to feel really good and to regain that body confidence. If you work out, eat well, get enough sleep and enjoy fresh air, you'll be amazed at how quickly your equilibrium returns and you'll start to look and feel great, radiating positivity and that sexy glow. Make time for you and you'll find that you're increasingly ready to make time for your partner too.

Get Your Imagination Flowing

The adult toy market has seen an incredible 400pc boost in sales since the release of the famous '50 Shades of Grey' book, which showed how popular erotic fiction is, especially with women of all ages. Female sexual desire begins in the imagination, so if you are feeling unstimulated by basic physical action, try reading some romantic or erotic fiction to get some new ideas and experiment with what turns you on. You may be surprised at the things you respond to, and it will give you plenty of fresh material to let your imagination run wild when you are with your partner whether you choose to share those fantasies or not.

Introducing the Fun

If the bedroom has become a tired and boring place for you, then why not spice it up with a few carefully chosen toys? There are plenty of adult sex toys for the bedroom, and these range greatly in terms of interest, budget and even 'experience level'. You could keep it romantic with some scented message oils, enjoy some erotic reading or even try a little light domination if the mood takes you. The great thing about buying your toys online from Sexaidsforyou is that the whole experience is discreet, enjoyable and private and the items will arrive in unmarked packaging which gives no clue as to the contents.

These are some of our preferred tips for rekindling that mojo. What are your own personal favourite tips for getting in the mood for some romance?

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