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My thoughts have been turning a lot lately to the gap . . . Not the one where I buy my jeans, but rather, the one I can feel between where I stand and where I want to be. Specifically, I find myself wondering how to close that gap or gaps. Lots of presumably wise folks are putting out the message that we can have or do or be anything that we want if we just allow ourselves to believe and receive what the Universe is offering in response to our desires.

But when that gap between my desire and my mailing address feels like a journey only a starship could handle . . . how do I feel like I have a real shot at bridging that distance? I asked The Shower Team . . . "What can I do in order to feel like I can really get there from here?"

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One very important thing for you to do in order to begin to close the gap between your desire and your belief is to genuinely agree with your desire. You must find your way to a place where you do not hold and practice a different or differing opinion or thought from what it is that you want. You must ask yourself, "How do I really feel about this coming to me? In what way, if any, am I holding or practicing a thought that contradicts the receiving of this desire?"

Only when you can completely agree with what you've asked for can the Universe fully, completely yield it to you. And the more specifically you are asking, then the more specifically you must be agreeing. What you want must seemmust FEELpossible to you, or better yetprobable or likely or like a logical progression for you. It must feel real to you, not like a fantasy or pipe dream. You must be able to literally see and feel yourself having it and feel no huge or quantum leap in believability. Your desire must seem plausible; otherwise you are holding a thought or pattern of thought that is contradicting that desire and making it much more difficult for the Universe to yield it to you.

So find ways to make it more and more believable. Look around and identify those doing what you want to do or having what you want to have and hold their example as a model or an inspiration. Identify ways that the Universe has already yielded to you before and remember them and remind yourself that there are no quotas or limits or ceilings or restrictions on what you are entitled to, that there is more than enough of what you want to go around.

Look for any and every way to build your belief in what you desire, even if it means turning a deaf ear to every contradiction you encounter. Care more about the having of what you want than how you look or sound to anyone else. Care more about your desire than any statistics that say it is off limits to you. Cultivate the passion you have for what you want with a single-minded, enthusiastic focus. Talk yourself into believing what you want is obtainable, no matter how many reasons you are given for doubting it.

This is the real action that produces the results you crave. This is the real effort required of you that yields the progress that you seek toward realizing your dreams. There is truly nothing that is simultaneously easier and more demanding than allowing yourself to believe that what you want is yours for the asking. But we say to you and will continue to say to you that nothing less will bring your desires to life for you. The only one you mustand you absolutely mustconvince, is yourself.

Okay, so I've got to at least begin to see the gap between where I am and where I want to be as a bike (helicopter?) ride rather than a space voyage. I've always thought of myself as a relatively agreeable fellow, but as I pose these questions to myself about the extent to which I really agree with the having of what I want . . . I see that I am offering lots of arguments about how unlikely the having of those desires really is.

At least I know that the only thing I'm really up against is my own disbelief. And as I begin to look for ways to punch holes in the implausibility of my desires . . .I am already feeling a tiny bit closer to that point on my horizon that I've been eyeing . . . and also feeling, for the moment, more agreeably complete.

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