Be Brave Dreamer: Let The World Know Who You Really Are

Not the wishy washy dreamers who can not think past a weekend of partying. It needs dreamers who think big, who think beyond themselves. Dreamers who have a vision to bring positive change to other peoples lives, as well as their own. The world needs people who defy the status quo and do crazy things.

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True Dreamers are a small creed. The few who are willing to take action to live their dreams. We might not always succeed, but we never give up trying to make our dreams come true. With eyes set on the light at the end of the tunnel, we keep walking. We stumble, but never stop.

The Initiation

Still here? Then, I guess you have the potential to be a real Dreamer. Welcome to our world. This is your initiation, your first challenge.

Skeptics are a dime a dozen. It doesn't take guts to stand with the crowd and criticize the guy who is making the crazy speeches. Being crazy, being weird in a world of normalcy and conformity, that takes guts. It is one of the basic traits of being a dreamer.

How to stake your claim as a Dreamer

You are not a Dreamer as long as the dream is in your head. Whats in your head is personal, hidden from the world. We do not dream in isolation. We are open about it. If you have a dream, good. Be brave, share it with those around you. You are not a Dreamer until you do.

Before you begin posting status messages and tweeting about your dream, be sure. This dream you are telling people about, is not an idle daydream. It is a vision for your future, a mission to change the world. It is going to be your identity from now on. You will become synonymous with this dream. So, be very careful what this dream means to you.

The essence of the Dream

Be even more sure of what this dream means for others. If all you want to do is drive around in a Lamborghini, then it is not a dream. However, if you want to take a hundred people on a road trip across Siberia, on bicycles. Now, we are talking. Just like dreams do not flourish in isolation, they don't hold much meaning when they are purely selfish. When Dreamers hear the words dream big, they think of how many lives they would be touching, and how many people they would be helping.

The test of mettle

Dream big, dream ridiculous, and dream of massive change. Then, break through your fear of social rejection and tell the world about your dream. You know you face rejection, from friends and family, co-workers and relatives. They won't believe you, call you crazy (or stupid) to your face. You will have to watch as fear, and outrage paint their faces as you tell them. Be steadfast. Do not yield. Your bravery is being tested.

They will tell you that it's not possible. It is a flight of fancy. They will point out the gazillion examples of those who have been crushed in pursuit of their dreams. They will keep pushing you to down. Be brave. Think of them like waves crashing against the rocks. They won't stop coming at you, but you must endure every moment of it. People don't follow leaders, they follow the Dreamers. This is your test to become one.

The induction into the brotherhood

Dig deep and root out your craziest dreams. Be brave and share it with the world. The only way to test your mettle as a dreamer, is against the reality of rejection. Bravery is not just believing that you can do it. It is doing it in spite of the world telling you it is impossible. You must rely on your persistence to strive towards the dream. You must be consistent about the dream you share. Then, you can begin your journey to building your dream and making it a reality.

Welcome, Dreamer. You are one of those who will make a difference. Tell the world your dream. By doing so, you step willingly into a raging storm. Do not give up. Be brave. The brotherhood of Dreamers stands beside you. Let your fear go, and share your amazing dream with the world. We offer you the chance to be brave. Tell us about your dream, in the comments below.

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