Getting Clear Of Self Sabotage

For many of us, there is a subtle energy within us that works to derail our highest goals. Maybe we're afriad of failure, but in many cases we're scared of success.

For instance, if you ever get nervous when things are going really well, you are struggling with self sabotage issues. Maybe you feel a disaster must be just around the corner if things are going to plan for you, or perhaps you just can't emotionally handle it when things are good.

This is more common than most people realize. It's pretty crazy, and you can actually live out your life without ever realizing this unless you take the time to observe, or unless a friend points it out for you. Watch yourself; do you handle success and happines well?

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If you feel discomfort when things are going well for you, I urge you to watch your thoughts and feelings closely. Try to identify how you feel - is it nervousness, irritability, or something else?

Becoming aware is the first step. Once you catch yourself entertaining this kind of subtle, self defeating energy, simply replace it with positive affirmations and visualizations. I also recommend you use basic meditation to help you direct your energies, and check out one or more other studies such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), Yoga, or Ho'oponopono.

The fact that you know what is going on means you have the power to change things. And ultimately this is about your knowing you deserve greatness.

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