The Law of Attraction : You Get What You Think

There are a multitude of opinions and theories on this new-fangled philosophy yet an international best-seller book resulted from this belief. It may sound too preachy but it does have a few good points.

For the uninformed, the Law of Attraction is about making things happen just by thinking about it . Somewhat like your thoughts becoming your reality. You think about what you want, you believe and you expect, and it will materialize. It actually reminds me of having a life coach, just that you have the universe instead of a person to help you realize your dreams and make them happen. The Law of Attraction states that when you want something so bad, the universe conspires to make it happen. Uh, can I have Brad Pitt? (No, you are no match to Angelina Jolie, the universe said).

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Theres a lot of jabber about this New Age philosophy and not all of it easily makes that much sense. Skeptics, critics and just plain the paranoid do have a lot of questions about it's effectiveness. But it does promote forward thinking, especially if you think positive. I always say, there's no hurt in trying. If it's safe and does me good, then I'm all for it. The universe can be my BFF for all I care.

Make It Happen: Show Me The Money!

Looking at all the bad things isn't going to stop them now, looking at how you can make money, that's a winning proposition . For one thing, it feels good to reaffirm the idea that there is a path for you to make money, a lot of them if you wish, even if it's as simple as holding a garage sale to get rid of some junk. If you keep thinking about how to achieve success, you'll probably come up with one or two ways of getting there and that's more than enough.

From those ideas, you could generate any number of methods or variants to further enforce the idea of success. Of course, you've still got to go out there and do the roadwork yourself. You can't just sit on a mat and "ohmm" yourself away into thinking of money. However, the point is thinking positively or mentally facing forward can help you focus your energies in a more productive and profitable manner. You get more motivation to go ahead and take a leap of faith. You feel more determined to reach for your goal, no matter how absurd it is to other people (who cares, anyway? Barbara Streisand was mocked because she wasn't pretty but lo and behold! She's now THE Barbara Streisand).

Bottom line of all this is your attitude . Where do you think the term "go-getter" came from? Right! From a person who "go and get", and that's mainly attributed to the winning atittude of actually going out there and getting something! More so, believing that it's going to happen.

If you're still not convinced, well, there's really not much I can tell you otherwise. Just try it, just once. Get your head out of your ass and look at how much better everything looks and smells. You might find that you like having your head out of your ass.

Life is beautiful! It didn't win numerous Oscars for nothing. It is true!

Open your eyes and change your attitude for the better, and you might just find that other things are waaaaay superior than what you see in the realm of negative thinking.

Now nowdon't give me that crabby attitude. Haven't you learned a thing from here? Let me see some optimism! Stand straight. Shoulders back. Smile. Say, I can! Know that money will flow into your life.

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