Get out from behind the computer- why relationships still matter

Denver Startup Week was electric. I tweeted this and continue to feel this way:

Being around the creativity and energy of #DENStartupWeek makes me want to never go back to a 9 to 5 #entrepreneur #selfemployed

So many of the presenters, successful tech startups and entrepreneurs, talked about their marketing tactics, platform integration with social media sites, and intricate designs.

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But what really connected all of them is that they got out from behind the computer to make their businesses successful. Here are some examples:

  • Evver- I was blown away by this company. They started as a photo sharing site that set galleries to music, much like Flipagram. They stood out by having innovative beat matching technology and blew away the competition by focusing on up and coming artists. How did they get licensing access to those artists? By personal connections. Someone they knew, knew the CEO of Reverbnation and got them exclusive access to new artists. Even after they ended their online advertising, they had built up their snowball big enough that it just continued rolling down the hill. Lesson learned: Invest in the platforms and the advertising, but continue to do business the old-fashioned way: meetings and handshakes. Here are some of my pics from the week, created into an Evver video!
  • Chasing Ice- I hadn't heard of this amazing documentary on climate change. Their innovative marketing was what blew me away: they screened the movie for 2 months inone congressional district in Ohio where Congressman Tiberi had denied the existence of climate change. They got his constituents to take pictures with messagesof support in moving the agenda on climate change. The pictures helped supporters share their support on social media platforms, and through the website and social shares, they got Congressman Tiberi to make a stronger statement about climate change.
  • Ad Tech- Advertising online is changing at the speed of light. Programmatic advertising has become a big focus for corporations. In a nutshell, real-time bidding happens for online advertising (like those commercials before a youtube video) to target a businesses' ideal customer. The takeaway from this is that this community has organized a meetup here in Denver that builds knowledge and a community of people working in this space. It's open to anyone and I am for sure checking this out.

Online tools are just tools in the toolbox, but you still have to know how to use them. Marketing can help your business but it's important that you first clarify what your business does, who the clients are, and your scope of work. None of these online advertising initiatives would have worked otherwise. But what is really important is that no matter what your ad spend is, your biggest ROI will come from the relationships you build and nurture. It's not a magic click of a button or an instant business builder, but it is still the best return on investment and with time, you will see the benefits to your business.

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