If I'm addicted to heroin, what happens if I ignore it?

If I'm addicted to heroin, what happens if I ignore it? I continue to be addicted. If I'm having trouble making ends meet financially, what happens if I ignore it? Will I eventually end up on the street or under a bridge (this is not to say that all homeless people are bad financial managers)? As in our own lives when dealing with our problems, we must also, as a society deal with those problems or they spiral out of control.

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Doesn't that just sum up our situation? We have been ignoring, or even a better word might be unaware of so many problems that it has literally spiraled out of control. When people tell me it's impossible to stop people from using fossil fuels, my heart sinks and my brain says, "Has this person seen Mars? Does this person know what the runaway greenhouse effect is and does? Does this person know that we actually have the technology now to combat climate change? Does he or she know it's the people who have the money and the political will that can do something, but are doing nothing!?"

The reason why advocates for social justice are always talking about these issues is because it has spiraled out of control and not very many people are doing much about it. So, is it time we do something about it, or are we going to continue down the path of ignoring problems? We can't continue to ignore problems and then complain about our sorrowful world. We must join in any fashion that will help. As the most famous speech by a fictitious president taken from the movie The American President once said, "We have serious problems and we need serious people to solve them."

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