Oakville Dance Competition #3!

We had a great time at Dancefest in Oakville this past weekend! Way to go Team ADS!!! Here’s a rundown of the overalls earned by our dancers…

Top Mark Novice Group/Line – “On Broadway”
Top Mark Novice Duet/Trio – “Everybody Needs a Best Friend”
Top Ballet Score – Jade Wilson
Most Potential Senior Dancer – Natalie Coffa13055270_1063195680412939_2986845731252894473_o
Gillian Watters Memorial Award (for a dancer who shines onstage) – Emily Roode
Choreography Award – Charlene Dinger for ” Billie Jean”
2nd Runner Up Top Studio!

Plus numerous special awards for our dancers!

Congratulations dancers! Next we head to Deerhurst in a few weeks for our final competition of the season!! 💜


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