Artistic Dance Scene offers classes for ages 2 to 18 for all levels and experience

Led by professional and accomplished dancer, teacher and choreographer, Aimee Hamilton Vapsva. Students will learn the art of dance from passionate instructors within 2 different programs – Recreational and Competitive.

Artistic Dance Scene offers the very best in dance training while inspiring grace, confidence, self-respect, teamwork, and leadership. Students of all ages can learn new dance styles, master dance steps, burn energy, get a workout and share a sport with others. Artistic Dance Scene provides a fun, safe and rewarding environment for dancers to grow and shine as individuals. Students will come to think of the studio as their “second home” where they have the freedom to express themselves while creating friendships and learning skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Facility

Artistic Dance Scene now boasts 5,600 square feet of newly renovated space featuring three spacious dance studios. One studio has sprung hardwood floors, and two studios have sprung Rosco flooring.

Full-length mirrors, customized ballet barres and state of the art stereo equipment complete the studio spaces. Artistic Dance Scene also offers a large change room, 3 washrooms, a snack/homework room and 2 welcoming lobby areas, including a play area for siblings. Parents are invited to relax in the lobby and enjoy watching your dancers’ progress via closed circuit video on one of the 3 LED TV’s, or take advantage of free WiFi.

Contact Us

Our Location:

1027 Speers Rd.
Oakville, ON L6L 2X5




Office Hours:

4:00pm – 9:30pm
9:00am – 2:00pm

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